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Barnard-Pratt excels in high jump

Qadir Barnard-Pratt jumping over the bar.

By Kai-Lou Yue
Business Manager

Throwing oneself up in the air and over a pole may seem impossible and strange to most people, but for junior Qadir Barnard-Pratt, this is completely normal and an event in which he excels.

Barnard-Pratt is a high jumper in WA’s track team, and currently holds the indoor school record at 6 feet and 4 inches, which he achieved during his sophomore year season. Unofficially, he has jumped 6 feet 6 inches outside of school.¬†For the past two years, he has also won the track Dual County League championships in high jump.

According to one of the track coaches, Philip Archambault, Barnard Pratt has broken the indoor record not only once, but three times.

“[Qadir] has broken the indoor school record each of the last three seasons,” he said. “[He] is within an inch of doing so in the outdoor season.”

In addition to high jump, he also participates in other indoor and outdoor track events including triple jump, 200 meter dash, 100 meter, 400 meter, and the 4 by 400 and 4 by 200 relays.

“My best event is high jump, followed closely by triple jump,” said Barnard-Pratt.

From 6th grade in Stonybrook Middle School until now, he has participated in track with the exception of most of the past season.

At the end of the winter season’s indoor track, he unknowingly fractured his foot, but still continued to participate until realizing his foot was fractured two meets into the spring season. Once his foot heals, he will be heading back onto the track.

“He was poised to [break the outdoor school record] this season, before breaking his foot, so hopefully we can continue on that path and take care of that next year,” said Archambault.

Next year as a senior, Barnard-Pratt will be continuing with track and participating in both high jump and other events. His coach believes that he has a lot of potential in the sport.

“I think he has excellent potential for both here in high school, college, and possibly beyond,” said Archambault.

Despite his records as a high jumper, Barnard-Pratt’s teammates agree that he is modest and not solely concerned with his track achievements.

“[Qadir] is easy to get along with, and you would hardly be able to tell he is a top tier athlete based on his down-to-earth attitude,” said Shyam Bhagat, a fellow member of the track team.

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